The Rhea Initiative Project by T.J. Manrique

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The Rhea Initiative Project by T J Manrique

Earth holds bitter memories. When he looks to the stars for answers, will he rocket to victory or fly too close to the sun?

Bill Barecraft is lost in the depths of grief. With his business success making him a target for extortion, he’s devastated when a violent gang kidnaps his wife and children. And when his money can’t stop the abductors from brutally executing his family, the heartbroken man channels his despair into an ambitious dream to populate other planets.

Assembling some of the world’s brilliant minds, he tries to heal through the excitement and challenge of conquering interstellar travel. But even as the team edges closer to leaving the solar system, their launch plans get derailed by a ruthless organization intent on destroying all hope.

Will his vision be torn apart by vicious politics, or can they find peace in space?

The Rhea Initiative Project by T.J. Manrique
English | 2022 | Science Fiction | 616 KB

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