The Scae Resurgence by Andrew Tanner

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The Scae Resurgence by Andrew Tanner

A lonely diplomatic outpost ten thousand light years from Earth faces the return of a deadly threat thought long vanquished.
Running a small city perched on a dead world in the Bivrost Channel was never fated to be an easy job. Yet despite space pirate attacks, squabbling interstellar empires, and even a betrayal from within their own ranks, Nysse Hazara-Ghazi and her team of brilliant misfits are pulling it off.
Long a destination for spiritual pilgrims and traders working their way across the Three Arcs of Known Space, Bivrost Nine now also hosts an initiative dedicated to fostering peaceful relations between the diverse Alien peoples brought into contact by the interstellar jump gate network.
A dream badly needed in the perilous twenty-second century, for as humanity discovered upon learning the secret to rapid travel between stars almost a century before, the galaxy is teeming with life – some kinds friendly, others substantially… less so.

And when an expedition in search of new jump paths discovers one of the latter, they unleash a terror Nysse had fought in her youth.
When the Scae return, she, Winston, Sam, and Ishlaa will be forced to trust each other like never before – yet among all their other troubles, trust itself is a vital resource in short supply.

Because no one on Bivrost Nine is entirely as they appear. Ishlaa harbors a secret as deadly as the Scae. Winston is a suspicious old spy turned social forecaster who ferrets out what is hidden like a hound. A cybernetic Rebuild, Sam is a synthesis of flesh and machine with abilities beyond any vanilla Human. And Nysse herself remains a weary warrior haunted by hard memories, drawn to danger like a moth to a flame.
Bivrost Nine too guards secrets of its own. Deep underground, in the place most residents call downbelow, lurks a power almost beyond the comprehension of mortal minds.
The name he goes by these days is Omra Siuan. And he has great plans for Bivrost Nine.

The Scae Resurgence by Andrew Tanner (The Bivrost Nine Saga #2)
English | 2022 | Science Fiction | 540 KB

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