The Sect by Eliza Green

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The Sect A young adult dystopi Eliza Green

A synthetic human with freedom. An AI trapped in a virtual prison. Can one teen protect her friend from an upload disaster?
Sixteen-year-old Anya’s synthetic friend is free to wander the Sect, despite its strict rules on segregation. But when a section of society accuses Cynthia of being a troublemaker, Anya worries synth freedom won’t be tolerated for much longer.
Accused of a crime he didn’t commit, the AI Quintus must spend an eternity in a virtual reality prison. As part of that punishment, his access to the systems he helped create, including synthetics, has been stripped.
When an opportunity arises to secretly communicate with one synth, Quintus sees the perfect chance to escape his prison. But his sudden push for freedom puts Anya’s friend in danger. As she rushes to protect Cynthia, Anya realizes worse will be at stake if Quintus escapes.
Can Anya stop the AI in time before he destroys Cynthia’s life? Or will Quintus exact the perfect revenge on his jailers?

The Sect by Eliza Green (Book 1, Breeder Files Stories)
English | 2021 | Young Adult | 238 KB

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