The Seventh Disease by David Shobin

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Seventh Disease The David Shobin

First, one died, followed by another, and soon thousands, as the unnamed pandemic spread worldwide in an astonishingly short time. It was COVID-19 on steroids. But unlike COVID’s airborne transmission, the frightening new disease could also be spread by a simple handshake, casual sex, or even a sip of water.

And it was terrifying.

At the heart of the deadly contagion is Dr. Sean Arrington, a Long Island physician who is an unwitting dupe in the illness’s distribution. Contrary to other pandemics, the deadly malady didn’t arise naturally but was invented in a lab by a devious biochemist. Its development took over a generation and used Arrington as a sexual pawn. As the death toll skyrockets, Arrington discovers the plague’s hidden cause. But as he sets out to remedy the problem, dark forces are after him. Will they get to him before he can help the world defeat THE SEVENTH DISEASE?

The Seventh Disease by David Shobin
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 498 KB

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