The Society by Karen Guyler

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THE Society Karen Guy

If they know your name, you’re already dead.
Former MI6 analyst Eva Janssen’s life couldn’t be better. CEO of the charity she founded as a legacy to her father, she’s putting the last touches on the ball that will take all she’s worked for to the next level.

But when a former colleague is poisoned instead of her, her usually quiet world spins out of control. Who is targeting her? And why? Separated from her husband and daughter while on the run, Eva realises they’ve become pawns in a deadly power game. But she has no idea who the players are, and how can she fight back when danger’s coming at her from where she least expects it?
Who is The Society? How can she save her family before they find her?

The Society by Karen Guyler
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 375 KB

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