The Spark by Jack Hamilton

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The Spark The Corporation Boo Jack Hamilton

In a world growing more sinister by the second, how can two girls find their family and, subsequently, their place in the midst of it all?
After their getaway from the ruins of The Facility, sisters Jeannie and Abigail hide behind the protection of trees and fight hunger, thirst, fatigue, and fear. However, if they were to reach the shelter in Distant Mirrors where their family waits, they need to flee the umbrage and brave the haze in front of them.
Navigating the dusty wasteland on the outskirts of Distant Mirrors was no easy feat, especially for two children who are growing weaker by the hour. The confusion over what exactly happened to their parents and why they were taken away from them stung more than the prickly sand scratching their skin.
But that was the least of their worries… for now. As they soldier on, they chance upon a figure that further bewilders them — an ailing, fatally injured boy whose parched lips and faint, raspy voice give way to the words:
“Save… yourself. Shelter… up… ahead. Free… all of us… fight for us… as your father did. We… are… the lost generation. Avenge us.”
Who is this boy and how did he know about the shelter?
What happened to their family?
Why did The Corporation take them captive in the first place?
A plethora of questions swirls their minds as they push through their quest, risking capture and coming across multiple entities that give them more insights into their mysterious past, present, and imminent future.
Even more revealing, the sisters learn about Abigail’s superhuman abilities and her place in the new world order — a fate much bigger than any of them realize.
Their future is calling. Will the sisters answer?

The Spark by Jack Hamilton
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 253 KB

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