The Stakes We Kill For by Meg Jolly

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The Stakes We Kill For by Meg Jolly

What stakes would you kill to protect?
Join your favourite Yorkshire detective Daniel Ward on his next unputdownable homicide case.
A body is discovered on the bleak moorlands above Cullingworth, West Yorkshire. A woman, found in a place that should have been impossible for her to reach. It makes no sense to DI Daniel Ward, but the clock is already counting down on finding the culprit…and discovering why they went to such lengths to dispose of their victim.

There’s been a terrifying development in the Varga case too, and Ward feels powerless as his personal and professional life fall at the mercy of the ruthless crime lord who will protect his empire at any cost. The stakes are higher than ever in the dangerous game Ward plays.
It’s time for DI Daniel Ward to join forces with new recruit DC Holly Dean and see what she’s made of. With the autistic constable’s unique skills, can they solve the riddle of the young woman’s murder? And, can DI Ward keep his blossoming private life safe from Varga?

The Stakes We Kill For by Meg Jolly (DI Daniel Ward #6)
English | 2022 | Crime Thriller | 332 KB

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