The Surrogate by Lynn Katz

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The Surrogate Lynn Katz

Connecticut high school teacher, Jenn Cooper, falls under the spell of her more stylish double, a woman she encounters in a Key West bar. After a weekend of martinis and makeovers, Jenn is tricked into swapping lives for one month.

She uncovers clues about her doppelganger’s obsession with guns and the family’s twisted dynamics. Jenn discovers dark secrets about Martin, her double’s reclusive teenage son. But when she learns what Martin is plotting and that her own life is at risk, it’s too late to turn back. With every plot twist, Jenn faces more obstacles and fewer options. She’s on her own as she tries to save herself and prevent another American tragedy.

The Surrogate by Lynn Katz
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 348 KB

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