The Surrogate’s Gift by L.G. Davis

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The Surrogates Gift A grippin L G Davis

Her one good deed is about to turn into her worst nightmare.
Becoming a surrogate for Marcia and Travis Thorpe is Grace’s chance to overcome her inner demons.
Nothing can go wrong. Her life depends on it.
Determined to focus on the pregnancy, she drops everything and accepts the Thorpes’ offer to move in with them until the baby is born.

A simple decision. One big mistake.
Marcia, her husband, and Marcia’s bitter mother are obsessed with watching Grace. The future parents also control what she eats, where she goes, and even when she goes to bed.

Just when Grace thinks it can’t get any worse, she finds a note on the doorstep of the guesthouse.
You’re making a mistake. This won’t end well.
The closer she gets to her due date, the more she believes the words on that piece of paper.
Someone in the Thorpe household is keeping deadly secrets, and her life and that of the baby might be in danger. How much is she willing to risk to save them both?

This intense and emotional psychological suspense thriller novel is a page-turner with a shocking twist you won’t see coming.

The Surrogate’s Gift by L.G. Davis
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 447 KB

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