The Swamp by M.A. Rothman

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The Swamp by M A Rothman

As a fixer for one of the New York Mafia families, Levi would rather keep a low profile. That changes when the Outfit, a mysterious organization, reaches out to him for assistance. Threats to a set of world leaders have been traced back to members of organized crime and their connection with government insiders from DC and Moscow.

When dealing with criminals, Levi knows what to do. However, when he finds himself immersed in a world filled with smiling officials, political apparatchiks, and deceit beyond compare, he learns why some people think of government as The Swamp.

In THE SWAMP, Levi finds himself taking on an almost unattainable goal: stop an impending threat that, if successful, could destabilize much of Western society and give rise to something much worse.
With threats emerging at a frantic pace on two continents, Levi can’t be everywhere at once.
It may already be too late to do anything about what’s going to happen.

The Swamp by M.A. Rothman (A Levi Yoder Novel #4)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 368 KB

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