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The Thief by Peter O’Mahoney

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The Thief A Gripping Crime Mys Peter OMahoney

The hunt is on.
When a police investigation into a robbery finds no leads, property developer Mark Costa turns to private investigator Jack Valentine. Hired to do what the police couldn’t, Valentine digs deep into Costa’s past, revealing a life full of fraud, deceit, and violence.

Mark Costa had a history of making enemies, and the list of candidates who stole the valuable item was long. To discover the truth, Valentine must follow every lead and uncover every secret, steering him into the criminal underworld. Fighting against gang-members, corrupt officials, and ruthless crime syndicates, he steps closer to danger at every turn.

Forcing his way into a world of corruption, Valentine uncovers evidence that could expose more than just a thief.
But to reveal the truth, to uncover who is at the core of the problem, Jack Valentine will need to risk his own life to expose them…

The Thief by Peter O’Mahoney (Jack Valentine #4)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 232 KB

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