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The Time Trap by Dennis Tucker

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The Time Trap by Dennis Tucker

All things that begin also have an ending. Ever so in the deeps of time must this truth repeat, or else time is not. And so it is! But what of the first instant of time and of its final passing, and of the grand story of everything in between? Who has ever chronicled its massive telling, not perhaps in full detail (for such a narrative few would ever read) but in meat and substance to convey the truth of a purposeful happening of which we all partake? Such is the intention of this book I have lovingly entitled, “The Time Trap.”

Originally portions of it came in a dream. Yet, to capture the truth of the night story, a heartfelt requirement came to me to start its full telling elsewhere. The search for this elsewhere place caused me to tinker with the concepts of the beginning (the very beginning, mind you), the transition to the middle portion, and of the very utmost conclusion. So it was, I had to create this book to be true to a dream inside of me, which then needed a proper setting, whose undertaking was overwhelming to say the least. I almost buckled under the weight of it, like a milk jug crushed under a heavy foot. But the content of the dream was beautiful and it had come to me. Was I not called to receive it, like a soft voice who wondrously speaks and none else hear it? So, to be true or not, and like one who accepts to do a labor no one else can or will do, I set myself to the task.

The Time Trap by Dennis Tucker
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