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The Tongue Thief by Mark Lennox

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The Tongue Thief a murder myst Mark Lennox

At the dawn of the internet, Katy Thornton had nothing but life in front of her. She was on the cusp of freedom from her controlled, measured existence as a high school senior; she’d even been accepted to her dream school. Katy wasn’t one to take risks, but when a secret online relationship opened the door to something exciting, she took a dangerous chance, and it cost her life.

The death of Katy Thornton sent shock waves through the sleepy beach community of Bradenton, Florida. Newly promoted, Detective Ethan Thresher was tasked with bringing Katy’s killer to justice. After a chance encounter brings the killer to justice, Ethan is deemed a local hero, but something about the arrest doesn’t sit well with him.

Kevin Thornton idolized his sister Katy; as he and his family try to move on from Katy’s death, he makes a chilling discovery on his sisters computer. Together with his best friends, he enlists the help of Detective Thresher to track a killer hiding at the other end of a phone modem.
What they find is a monster… one who comes looking for them as well.

The Tongue Thief by Mark Lennox
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 424 KB

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