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The Truth Effect by Anne Mortensen

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Truth Effect The Anne Mortensen

When government controls everything, the truth becomes their most dangerous adversary.

It’s 2030. The Truth Laws are set to go into effect, unleashing enhanced algorithms that will empower the British Government to regulate all online activity, hunt down Truth Law breakers, and prosecute the guilty. “Truth” has become a concept defined by the government to control its people.

A journalist, smeared with libel charges, is sent classified information that could clear her name and blow the new system apart. But, her connection cuts out before the transmission is complete.

Left with only one lead, she seeks the help of hackers and high-tech, so she can piece together the whole story. But will she live long enough to expose the story? And even then, will anyone believe her?

Enter the not too distant future, where your worst dystopian nightmares are the law of the land. A government has once again oppressed its people, and only the real truth will set the people free. Hold on to the edge of your seat as you root for resolution in a thriller which almost hits too close to home.

The Truth Effect by Anne Mortensen (Rising World)
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | 777 KB

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