The Undying Kingdom by Matt James

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The Undying Kingdom by Matt James

Nestled deep within an uncharted valley of the Himalayas is a legendary utopia of untold beauty and peace.
Jack Reilly’s next mission will be his most daunting one yet. The retired Delta operator is whisked away to the Nepali capital of Kathmandu to investigate the outrageous claims of an impossibly old, seemingly deranged Sherpa. The hospitalized man has delivered a confusing and provocative warning to his caretakers, cautioning them to be wary of the “curse of Shangri-La.”

Rumors of a mystical mountain paradise have circulated throughout history for centuries. It is said that a supernatural enchantment is responsible for the excellent health and prolonged lives of the domain’s residents. But is it really magic? And what of the curse?

It becomes even more imperative for Jack to uncover the long-veiled location after a Chinese biotech company with government contracts joins the hunt. As a result, one of the world’s greatest mysteries is in danger of being pillaged, and the people who call it home, inhumanly experimented on and butchered.

The Undying Kingdom by Matt James (The Jack Reilly Adventures #4)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 540 KB

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