The Window by Angie Lee

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The Window by Angie Lee

“The first time I took my clothes off for him was an accident.”
Kat Browne has everything she could want in life. Or does she?
Despite the handsome husband, wonderful children and gorgeous home, Kat feels restless and unfulfilled. She wishes for a little something extra in her life, something to call her own.

She finds that something when a handsome stranger accidentally sees Kat undressing. This chance encounter begins a sensual game between the two of them. Kat is addicted to how he makes her feel; young, desirable, and sexy, as each day, they take the game to new levels.

But when guilt creeps in and the stranger pushes Kat beyond her limits, she tries to end it. However, the stranger isn’t ready to let her go yet. Determined to get what he wants from Kat, he stalks and threatens her, insinuating himself into her home and her family.
Kat has put herself and everyone she loves at risk and it’s up to her to end it.
How far will she go to protect the life she’s built and save the ones she loves?

The Window by Angie Lee
English | 2022 | Crime Thriller | 185 KB

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