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The Winter House by P.R. Black

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Winter House The P R Black

A gripping new psychological thriller from P.R. Black, where a couple relocate to their dream house, only to find it a place of gangland violence and murder…
The dream home. The perfect nightmare.
Vonny and Seth dream of a place in the country, but they can barely scrape together a deposit for a flat. So when they win a raffle for a huge plot of land in remote woodland, they can’t believe their luck. They build the house of their dreams and look forward to a happy life together.

But then they discover a suitcase filled with millions of pounds worth of heroin, and their idyllic existence comes crashing down around them. Because the original owner of the suitcase is coming for it.

All that stands between him and them is the house they built. Will their dream home save them from the perfect nightmare?

An edge-of-your-seat, anti-Christmas winter read, perfect for fans of The Chalet and The Hunting Party.

The Winter House by P.R. Black
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 870 KB

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