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The Witch Trials by K.A. Hightower

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The Witch Trials K A Hightower

Sometimes, to save the people you love, you have to make a few sacrifices…

Mirren’s life is not going as planned. Her dad’s cancer is back, and they’re on the verge of losing the family bookstore. When she sets her bedroom on fire in her sleep, a handsome stranger appears with the answer to all of her problems.

All Rowan has ever wanted is to join the Wardens — the police force of the Coven. The only thing he has left to do is coach Mirren through her Trials, where she must track down and arrest three supernatural criminals to be sacrificed. The only problem? She doesn’t know she’s a witch.

With only a few months until the Summer Solstice, Rowan must convince Mirren her powers are real and train her to use them before her Trials begin. If they fail, he’ll never become a Warden, and Mirren loses any chance she has to save her father’s life. But when Rowan’s mother returns from the dead, he begins to question everything he’s ever known.

The Witch Trials by K.A. Hightower (Witch Trials #1)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 6.5 MB

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