There’s Been An Accident by Leigh Byrne

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Theres Been An Accident by Leigh Byrne

Addison Quinn was nine when her parents were killed in the worst car crash ever recorded in the sleepy town of Driftwood, Indiana. She alone survived to tell the police about a mysterious blood splatter she’d seen on the outside of the windshield seconds before she was thrown from the vehicle. Addison was convinced the splatter caused her dad to lose control of the car, but no evidence was found to support her claim. So an investigation concluded the accident resulted from a slippery road.

Thirteen years later, guarded by her beloved dog Hero, Addison lives reclusively in Driftwood with her grandmother. When she meets Zane Isaac, the town’s charming new veterinarian, she makes room in her inner circle for one more. As her romance with Zane blossoms, so does Addison. But beneath the surface of her newfound joy, a shocking secret—thirteen years buried—is clawing for the light. And once the truth about the wreck emerges, it will be almost as destructive as the wreck itself.

There’s Been An Accident by Leigh Byrne
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 348 KB

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