Tinderbox by W.A. Simpson

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Tinderbox by W A Simpson

A tinderbox, three huge hounds within, and an underground kingdom of old magic. Fans of NOT ALLOWED. and Holly Black, myth and magic, fairy tales and fantasy will love the dark adventures of the Riven Isles.

‘A grisly murder, a missing box, a dangerous task, and a cranky magical talisman. Expect betrayals, intrigue, peril, and romance in this smartly moving fantasy.’ — Jacey Bedford, author of the Psi-Tech and Rowankind series

Isbet returns home to find the witch who raised her murdered and her prized possession, the Tinderbox stolen. She discovers a common man has used it to seize the throne. The same who conquered Prince Bram’s kingdom. Isbet’s goals are vengeance and reclaim the Box. For Bram, it is to free his homeland. When they are summoned to an underground kingdom, they must set aside their personal desires as they learn dark fey are bringing an ancient source of magic back to life. If they cannot halt the rise of the old magic, it will tear apart the Riven Isles.

Tinderbox by W.A. Simpson
English | 2022 | Fantasy | 3.3 MB

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