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Tuscan Hoax by Dave Bartell

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Tuscan Hoax An Archaeological Dave Bartell

A mysterious forger. A plot to empty the world’s museums. Can this champion of culture stop it before all our history is fake?
A forensic audit at the Vatican Museum reveals looting on a grand scale. A corrupt antiquities dealer has been plundering Europe’s institutions—replacing priceless originals with copies.

Darwin Lacroix, the Pope’s new Director of Special Archaeological Investigations, is repulsed by self-serving curators, profit-hungry auction houses, and secretive government Freeports. But he cannot stem the loss of artistic heritage. Until a sale goes wrong.

When a Marseilles art gang calls in a loan, the dealer snares Darwin into stealing a cherished Etruscan vase to cover it.
His reputation in tatters, Darwin sets his own trap, but a mole in his team discovers the ruse and triggers a kidnapping. As threats escalate, he chases clues across Europe, the American Southwest, and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Ultimately, he must choose between stopping the pillaging or saving his friend.

Tuscan Hoax by Dave Bartell (A Darwin Lacroix Adventure #4)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 420 KB

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