United Enemies by Joanna White

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United Enemies The Mystics Boo Joanna White

The Mystic War has finally come with the greatest number of Valkyries the world has ever seen. They have their gargoyles and a leader who is inspiring thousands to flock to her side so she can rule as Valkyrie Queen. If she wins, she’ll kill all females and turn what remains of the humans into gargoyles. When that happens, the vampires will all die off.
This isn’t the first army Keisuke and his friends have faced, but it is the largest. If they want to have a chance at winning, they’ll have to put aside their differences and stand together. But Keisuke isn’t the only one with old enemies that he never wanted to see again. Now, enemies surround them on every side, but most of them are ones they’re forced to work with.
But how can they work with people they know they can’t trust?

What’s worse is that Emelina is pregnant and Keisuke has no idea how to keep her or their unborn child safe in a world where there’s an enemy around every corner.
Or when one of the Origin Mystics narrowly escaped captivity and is waiting for the right moment to strike.From ULoad

United Enemies by Joanna White (The Mystics #8)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 242 KB

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