Vindicta by Steven Konkoly

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Vindicta by Steven Konkoly

VINDICTA takes place in the immediate aftermath of OMEGA (Book 5), pitting General Sanderson’s surviving Black Flag operatives and allies, against a monstrous, time-driven plot to reshape the United States in the warped image of TRUE AMERICA—a widespread domestic terrorist organization masquerading as a third-party political movement.

With only one shot at stopping key conspirators within the recently elected TRUE AMERICA administration from permanently and disastrously altering the future trajectory of the United States, the Black Flag crew triggers VINDICTA, a daring, multi-pronged operation to put an end to the madness and rot inside TRUE AMERICA—before it both figuratively and literally “infects” the entire country.

Vindicta by Steven Konkoly (Black Flagged #6)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 388 KB

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