Voices in the Darkness by David Niall Wilson

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Voices in the Darkness David Niall Wilson

Sometimes the world is a very dark place. You know the magic is still out there, but it feels distant, or displaced. Voices in the Darkness is an attempt to create a link, to bring some of those voices together in a single work of art. Six award-winning authors lent their talent to this work. The stories are unique, and dark, filled with wonder and emotion.

Included are:

Vide Cor Meum (See My Heart) by Nadia Bulkin
Is a unique twist on true crime as fiction.

Pursuivant Island by Kathe Koja
Will resonate differently with every reader, has meaning on different levels, and touches on an actual artistic event.

Baggie by Elizabeth Massie
Explores the horror of losing control of one’s life, self, everything to another.

I’d Rather Wear Black by Cassandra Khaw
Takes you on a journey through the pain of bad relationships, while reminding her readers of their own self worth.

Ba boo Dop doo Dop boo ree by Nick Mamatas
Takes on the historical character behind the old, old song “Mack the Knife,” in his tale, titled appropriately.

La Belle Époque by Brian A. Hopkins
Explores history, Winchester rifles, and addiction of a very personal persuasion.

Voices in the Darkness by David Niall Wilson
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 538 KB

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