Weapon X Omnibus by Marc Cerasini, David Alan Mack, Hugh Matthews

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Marvel Classic Novels

#1 – WEAPON X by Mark Cerasini
Before joining the X-Men, Wolverine was simply a directionless loner mutant named Logan. This is the cruel origin of Logan’s transformation into Wolverine, as seen through the eyes of his tormentors. Their goal is to create the ultimate weapon, an indestructible man. As Logan manages to free himself from his captors, a brutal wave of violence affects all those involved.

#2 – ROAD OF BONES by David Alan Mack
Wolverine is tapped by a government agency to investigate rumors of a miracle cure developed by a sinister underworld organization, and used to gain leverage and control over desperate African nations. Wolverine must thwart the criminals’ schemes and recover the panacea for benign use. But hope may turn to ashes as Logan learns that nothing is quite as it seems.#3 – LIFEBLOOD by Matthew Hughes
Wolverine’s memories of fighting in the Canadian army during World War II begin to resurface. Digging deeper, he discovers he was a prisoner of war, at the will of a ruthless Nazi scientist determined to unlock the secrets of Logan’s mutant healing powers. What Logan doesn’t know is that the scientist is still at large, and he’ll stop at nothing to finish what he started sixty years earlier…

Weapon X Omnibus by Marc Cerasini, David Alan Mack, Hugh Matthews
English | 2021 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | ePUB | 1.8 MB

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