What Doesn’t Kill You by Elitsa Dermendzhiyska

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What Doesnt Kill You

There’s a myth about the famous and successful that paints them as godlike characters leading spotless, unblemished lives. But under the surface you’ll find that these people were often shaped by great personal struggle, whether with loss, eating disorders, alcoholism or childhood trauma. They just didn’t become defined by it.

In this book sixteen writers, from a beloved comedian and an ingenious artist to a distinguished academic and a polar explorer, share the stories of their secret battles and take you on a journey to the darkest recesses of their lives. And as they face their deepest fears, the authors will grapple with some of the questions that haunt us all.

What Doesn’t Kill You: Fifteen Stories of Survival by Elitsa Dermendzhiyska
English | 2020 | Biography & Memoir | ePUB | 456 KB

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