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“What If?” Fairy Tales by Charlie Wood

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What IfFairy Tales by Charlie Wood

Totally Cinderella
Every day of Cinderella’s life is the same: clean the house, cook the meals for her stepmother, and try to survive high school with her stepsisters: bubblegum-pop-princess Tiffany and moody, hard-partying Danielle.
However, when Cinderella meets a mysterious stranger from another land, she learns that maybe all her life needs is a little bit of magic…

Peter and Emily
Grounded at home on a Friday night, Emily Beckett is shocked to find a boy on the balcony outside her room. He tells her his name is Peter Pan, and he’s there for one reason: he’s looking for someone to have an adventure with.
And with that, Emily is off, whisked to the world of Never Land, a place filled with sailing ships, tropical islands, pirates, and flying machines.
However, Emily soon discovers Peter hasn’t brought her there only to experience Never Land’s wonders. His friends have been capture, and Peter believes—without a shadow of a doubt—that Emily is the only one who can help get them back.

Snow White and the Power of Light
When 18-year-old Snow White moves into the kingdom of Elsentree, she finds herself a target of the Queen. After all, the Queen has forbidden all magic from Elsentree, and Snow White has the most amazing power of them all: the ability to make the images in a painting move and come alive, as if they are a window into another time…

“What If?” Fairy Tales by Charlie Wood
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 477 KB

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