When Red Mist Rises by Shana Frost

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When Red Mist Rises by Shana Frost

Cold tingles zinged through Callan. The rain, coupled with the breeze, had nothing to do with it. This couldn’t be. ‘That’s… that’s not him, Dr Brown.’

Two murders, forty years apart. Are they connected?

Andrew Mackay is found sitting beside a corpse with a bloody stick in hand. Across town, the dig to unearth a body from the bog leads to the discovery of another missing person.

Amateur sleuth Aileen Mackinnon believes in Andrew’s innocence. She’s determined to catch the real killer, even as her own life self-destructs.

Searching for his best friend’s body is turning out to be a mammoth task Detective Inspector Callan Cameron didn’t expect, professionally or emotionally. Now investigating another murder and worrying about his girlfriend’s safety, Callan is swamped.

When every move is like a step away from the truth, the only way forward is to collaborate. Who can they trust? Who is lying? And who kills when the red mist descends?

When Red Mist Rises by Shana Frost (Aileen & Callan Murder Mysteries #4)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 2.3 MB

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