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While She Slumbered by Pamela Frost Dennis

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While She Slumbered The Murder Pamela Frost Dennis

With her next-door boyfriend, Josh, nursing his dying ex in Los Angeles, Katy McKenna finds comfort in blogging her woes and talking to her vibrant, elderly neighbor, Nina.
While chatting, one day, in Nina’s charming garden, she tells Katy that her mystery-writing niece, Donna, is arriving soon for a short stay. “I’m really looking forward to her visit. She’s the daughter I never had.”
However, two days into the visit, Nina has had enough of her bossy, sixty-something niece and confides to Katy, “This visit can’t end soon enough for me.”

A couple of days later, Katy drops by for a visit. The surly author answers the door and forbids her from seeing Nina with the excuse that her aunt has a terrible cold and is napping. Days turn into weeks as Katy continuously attempts to see her neighbor and is always rebuffed with the same excuse: “Nina is sleeping.”
Fearing her friend may be in mortal danger, Katy doubles down on her efforts to get beyond Nina’s front door by eliciting support from her best friend Samantha and Grandma Ruby.

Is Donna slowly killing her aunt?
Will Katy, Ruby, and Samantha save Nina? Or will they be too late?
Will Josh return to Katy and fulfill her happily-ever-after dream?

While She Slumbered by Pamela Frost Dennis (The Murder Blog Mysteries #5)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 335 KB

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