Will the Real Hieronymus Bosch Please Stand Up? by Damon Knight

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Will the Real Hieronymus Bosch Please Stand Up Damon Knight

Art history: An in-depth look at 1500’s Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch, notable for his fantastical and often heretical or macabre depictions of religious scenes. Bosch depicts, in the words of the art historian Walter Gibson, “a world of dreams [and] nightmares in which forms seem to flicker and change before our eyes.” With over 100 color illustrations.

Please Note:
This is a “beta” edition of this book, because it is currently incomplete. Damon Knight published this book online in 2000 on fictionwise.com—and nowhere else. Damon passed away in 2002, and never produced a print or any other electronic edition. Fictionwise shut down many years ago, and apparently nobody kept a copy of this book, at least that we’ve been able to find. His family has nothing. The only copies that we’ve found so far are from the archive.org archive of it, which, while it had a copy of all the text, unfortunately did not include all of the images.

It’s possible the University of Oregon collection of Damon’s papers has some copies of the missing images in printed drafts of the book, but we haven’t yet been able to find out.

Will the Real Hieronymus Bosch Please Stand Up? by Damon Knight
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