Winter Dread by Dawn Chapman

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Winter Dread Dawn Chapman

Disturbing negotiations. Hope for the future. Another gruelling climb from the bottom.
Kyle and his Metal Titans continue their adventures with new foes and challenges.

Joining a training planet in the hope of getting to fight on the front lines, Kyle and team are placed under the command of Edward Kerns. Changes to Kyle’s body mean training is next to impossible and failure almost guaranteed. Not that he’ll let that stop him.

With a singular goal consuming Kyle’s focus, he stands up for his beliefs, uniting with others across the galaxy to save more lives. Kyle has to somehow learn to command a merge under Edward’s control, all while being treated like nothing but a battery.
But Kyle won’t ever give in; he’ll pull out all the stops to protect his friends and their future.

Winter Dread by Dawn Chapman (Space Seasons #5)
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 400 KB

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