Wrath of the Mutineers by Rory D Nelson

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The Hound of Hell 4 Wrath of Rory D Nelson

Malachai has protected his community and family from vicious warlords, marauders and even the merciless and corrupt Governor that rules his captive territory. But beyond Proximus and the might of the Terra-Gaulian Empire lies an even more insidious and deadly threat, the invincible Ezekiel, a man with preternatural abilities who wreaks havoc and revels in bloodshed and torment. And he’s coming for Malachai to exact a long-awaited vengeance. Can Malachai assemble his gallant brethren to defeat this evil and save his family and community from his most deadly adversary yet? Renault, aka The Hound of Hell once tried to escape his ruthless past. He learned a cruel lesson that some pasts you can never escape from. Having escaped the clutches of the Imperionista, he now finds himself in an even more harrowing predicament. In order to redeem himself, he must help his sworn brother rescue the love of his life, Bella. And it will be next to impossible with her stuck in King Aleksandr’s dungeon. If he is to attempt such a suicide mission, he’ll need the help of the Merlin himself.

Wrath of the Mutineers by Rory D Nelson (The Hound of Hell #4)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | ePUB | 428 KB

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