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You’re Family Now by Jack Stainton

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Youre Family Now

He only had to do one thing. Love her family…
Matt Walker was a chancer; he’d spent his entire profession chasing the next job. His personal life took on a similar mantra; a succession of one-night stands and brief relationships. Life was slowly drifting him by.
Until one evening, in a hotel bar, following a fortuitous meeting with the quiet and unassuming Julia. She knew of an opportunity that would be the perfect fit for Matt; one he simply couldn’t let go.

Not only did the subsequent interview provide him his with dream job; it would also be where he met the love of his life. Matt and Amelia spent each day working hand-in-hand, and every evening in premarital bliss.
Finally, Matt’s life was taking shape. Following years of turmoil and heartbreak, the future looked full of promise and hope.
And then Amelia introduced him to her family…
Will you ever look at your in-laws in the same way again?

You’re Family Now by Jack Stainton
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 427 KB

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